Cafes, Restaurants, Bakeries, Take-Aways and more

We all know it ….Melbourne has the best Cafe’s in the world !! And we love being a part of that thriving cafe culture by introducing innovative dreamers to new opportunities.
There’s a perfect cafe for everyone and we believe we can help find the perfect match – we’re like the Tinder of the Cafe world (but with a whole lot more integrity and honesty!)

As coffee addicts ourselves, we take delight in getting to know as many of Melbourne’s great Cafe’s as we possibly can and love to promote businesses we can clearly learn from.  We know Melbourne, and we know her Cafe’s.  If you are after a Cafe then do call to discuss your needs as we want to make sure you find a cafe that is suitable not just for your level of investment, but also for your level of experience!! Unfortunately, many Brokers do not take the time to fit the business to the Purchaser, which can leave those Purchasers floundering and overwhelmed.  We ultimately want to see Purchasers succeed in their new business opportunity and thrive.  We will also be offering After Sales assistance in the near future for new business owners, to assist Purchasers in getting off to a great start and avoiding the usual mistakes.

AND, if you are thinking of Selling your Business,  call and discuss what we can do to help you sell your business and get you spending the kids inheritance sooner rather than later.!!  We believe we have the most extensive advertising package in Victoria as well as being the most competitive, so don’t be fooled into spending thousand$$$ on limited and ineffective advertising, before you’ve spoken to us.

Call, or contact us online,  for an honest, no bull talk about how we can sell your business.

Thank you, we look forward to assisting you in reaching the next chapter of your life, be that a fruitful retirement or brand new adventure.



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